It is designed to fit men, women, and children, and is fully adjustable for 28-48” inch chest circumferences.

It can and we recommend wearing it for 15-25 minutes per day for the first couple of days, then simply increase the period by 20 minutes each day.

Yes – everything you need to know including diagrams on how to put on, wear, and even washing instructions are included.

Yes – we designed this with comfort in mind to be worn over or underneath clothing


We offer three sizes, small, medium and large to accommodate virtually all waist sizes. Please select size based on your waist measurement shown on the order page within the drop down box.

Yes – it is very comfortable to wear over or underneath clothes.

Yes – it is fully adjustable with double sided straps to control desired compression levels.

It does not have built in A/C but rather is comprised of fully breathable material designed with a vented mesh back for ideal comfort.  

Ankle Compression Socks

Each sleeve is 10” long for complete open toe foot and ankle support.

They are designed for both men and women and accommodate US foot sizes 6-12

Yes – they are extremely comfortable to wear with socks and shoes or whatever your preference is.

Yes – if you are comfortable doing so you can sleep in them.

Wrist Support Wraps

Measuring 19.5”, this wrist support wrap is perfect for any type of wrist size. It does not matter if you have beefy or skinny wrists, the wrist support wraps will give you improved control and will allow you to tighten or loosen them in order to obtain the maximum comfort for better results.

The high-quality breathable fabric used for our wrist wraps is very elastic. It ensures the best support for your wrist while absorbing sweat and keeping your wrist dry and comfortable.

Ours are specially designed for better mobility and feature thumb rings and adjustable fasteners for the ultimate fix on the wrist. Your thumb and your wrist joint will benefit from the best protection against sprains and pain.